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Martin Rowlands Evolve


Owner & Personal Trainer

I have extensive knowledge In both training and nutrition, specialising in body transformations.  Having coached over one hundred clients that vary in in age, ability and experience, I am confident I will help you achieve your own personal goal in a safe and effective way.

Certifications include: 

-    Pre-Script: Movement Principles

-    Level 3 Personal Trainer
-    Level 5 Diet & Nutrition Coach

-    Group Exercise Instructor

My specialties include:


-    Body Transformation

-    Fat Loss Specific

-    Bodybuilding

-    Rehabilitation

-    Mobility

I am a natural bodybuilding competitor and have placed 1st and 2nd in UK British final competitions. Prior to lifting weights, I played top level football for the Football Association of Wales.  My passion for fitness gives me extensive personal knowledge in both the physicality and psychology of training and nutrition, this will enable me to help transform your body composition, health and wellbeing. 

Years of fitness experience: 13

Ibrahim Profile
Ibrahim Evolve


Personal Trainer

I am a level 3 certified personal trainer with over 10 years experience of changing and transforming peoples lives.  Nothing pleases me more than seeing my clients improve their health and fitness on a daily basis.  My training style is designed to take you from the basics of training, up to advanced In a safe and effective manner.

Certifications include:

-    Level 3 Personal Trainer
-    Boxing Instructor

-    Group Training

-    HIIT Bootcamp Instructor

Specialties include:

-    Functional Training
-    Strength & Conditioning
-    Bodybuilding
-    Fat Loss Specific
-    Basic Boxing

My bespoke training programs are designed and based on the top six elements of fitness which are;
1. Aerobic capacity/cardiovascular endurance
2. Body structure
3. Body balance
4. Body flexibility
5. Body strength
6. Muscular endurance 


I track each of my clients progress to ensure you continual improvement in all of the the above fitness elements.  According to the Department of Health and Human Service, one to be regarded as physically fit has to have all of the above elements. I look forward to helping you achieve them!

Years of fitness experience: 12





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